Tongue 'n Cheek

Italian inspired sustainable street food to be found in the streets of London


We aim to use underrated meat or fish cuts taking into consideration sustainability, diversity, food education and affordability. Being a London s'street foodie' exposess us to a wide range of people that are willing to experiment and expand their food culture knowledge.


We only use only native breed, pasture fed beef sourced from small farmers that is dry aged to perfection by Nathan Mills of the The Butchery , who practices traditional nose-to-tail style butchery. The pork we use is free range and happily British, while Moxon’s fishmongers responsibly source the fish. Catherine from Spence, an artisanal bakery, prepares our bread locally in London. Vegetables are sourced locally while we make all the sauces we use, apart from the mayonnaise that is made using free-range eggs. Cheese is cheese and is made with milk, no funny ingredients, colours or preservatives, as we care about you as much as the taste good factor.


All the heartbreaker patties are made using 50% good ox heart and 50% dry aged beef from native breeds.


NB Not all the burgers selection and other Yummies in the menu are always sold during our markest or events, so if you fancy something in paricoular please check with us the availability, thx.