Tongue 'n Cheek

Italian inspired burgers on the streets of London


We aim to use underrated meat or fish cuts taking into consideration sustainability, diversity, food education and affordability. Being a London s'street foodie' exposess us to a wide range of people that are willing to experiment and expand their food culture knowledge.

People are a key ingredient in everything we do. Meet our friends.

Nathan Mills, The Butchery

We share with Nathan the passion and love for great meat as well as the commitment for more sustainable beef consumption. Nathan practices nose-to-tail butchery meaning that he directly sources, butchers and dry-ages only whole animal carcasses, from native breeds and from small and trusted farms.


Biffi (undercover name), Berwick Street fruit and veggie stall

He is the man that wakes up early instead of us (God bless him) to go to New Covent garden market and supply us with what we need. Besides being an essential character of Berwick Street market in Soho he's also an important source of old style street market tips.


Moxon's, fishmongers

Say fresh sustainable fish say Moxon, They are the men to call when we need our cod cheeks, keepers of the Billingsgate market secrets and with fishermen contact numbers on their agenda to help them source the best from the British seas.


Kirie, a long suffering wife

She is the mastermind behind the creation of all the sauces we use. She chops, measures, blends and sometimes even enjoys trading, on top of taking care of our cheeky daughter Luna and her clumsy husband, with proverbial patience. Basically a multi-tasking super woman.


Pietro Corraini, the unpredicable graphic designer

He is the one behind all our funloving graphics, logo, web site and whatever it comes with it. Pietro is apassionate about street food and yammies in general, big fun of ox tongue with salsa verde sandwich, he's patient enought to listen and help out with all our out of the box ideas, adding content with his unique creative touch.